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Rant n' Roar

It never fails. Someone asks 'is this a good idea?' and everyone says 'yeah!' then come time to act, barely anyone takes part.

how many successful parties has there been compared to how many we've wanted to have?

everything's like a 5 minute fad now, no one knows how to keep their attention towards something longer then that.

everyone was all excited about a livejournal idea, what happened to all you people who snapped up the codes? i must say i would enjoy looking at messages systematically rather then erratic subjects all over my inbox.

It's here to write in, it's here to be used. what happened to the votes? i doubt it's hard to ask rei_shi to set up a poll. i'm all for a 'cleaner' system.

"80% of success is showing up"
-Woody Allen
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