Val (kheten) wrote in unseelies_court,

10 days and counting

Hello unseelies. My last post on October 31st said "I don't know what's going on about school". Buah! I know now. I'm leaving in 10 days, spending some time in Europe on the way, and arriving in South Africa around the 24th. Then I'll be visiting the town, and starting classes on Feb. 3rd. I might be able to update this journal from time to time, either in my personal LJ or on the Unseelies one.

So before I go, I'm going to spend some time on DA and give away my stuff. I don't think I'll need it anymore. You guys say goodbye to Khetenhaloss, Erynn, MmeAddams, Sinafay (who's already dead), Acinonyx, Blanche, Hela and Sayari. Next Sunday at 2pm PST is my lass Fiosachd mass on Erynn, so I wish to see a lot of you there. It's not going to be a rebarbative sermon, just some sort of prayer and thanks to everyone.

Cliona made a post about "what tarot card are you?". Interesting question, as I know the answer for myself. I'm a Capricorn, lead by Saturn mostly, the bringer of old age, the wise man. Thus my card, found by numerology, is the Hermit. I don't know how to insert an image here. Oh well. You can all go check somewhere on the net what that Hermit looks like. *grins*

Good luck to all of you, for anything you do in 2003. *hugs*

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